Design/code a Presidential Website

Create a 3-page campaign web site for someone whom you would like to run for president. The person can be real or fictional. Include the following:

  • Page 1:
    • Short bio
    • A hyperlink to the person's Wiki page.
    • An image of the individual
  • Page 2:
    • A list of 4 possible running mates, with pictures and a paragraph each of why they would make a good running mate.
  • Page 3:
    • 1 paragraph each on the candidate's top 3 campaign platforms.
  • 3 Call to Action buttons on every page (Donate, Volunteer, Contact). Make the Donate button more prominent than the others.
  • Choose appropriate colors from Colour Lovers and apply CSS styles to your page
  • Add two coordinating fonts from Google Fonts
  • You may use an existing framework as long as it is custom styled.

Save your index.html with all the supporting images, files, etc. and upload the .zip file to me via e-learning.